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Making Funeral Arrangements on a budget can be difficult, let us help you make low-cost funeral plans.
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Where can I find cheap funerals?

In Australia there are hundreds of low cost funeral options available. Many Funeral Homes offer discounted or low-cost funerals as their primary service to the community, usually delivering close to everything offered by the more expensive options - however the funeral director will strategically change certain aspects of the arrangements to provide cheap funerals.

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In order to lower the costs associated with the funeral arrangements, funeral directors will offer a number of options that are cheaper than what is usually offered to clients. This may include an economy coffin or casket, cremation as opposed to burial (as more often than not, a full burial is significantly more expensive than a traditional cremation), a low-cost venue and may even source cheaper suppliers for items such as memorial booklets and the like.

Is a cheap funeral undignified?

Not at all. Unfortunately we all run into times throughout our lives where our cashflow becomes short or we simply don't have any. Funeral Directors are human as well and understand this completely - which is why discussing your individual needs with a funeral director can help provide you with a broader range of options and usually a much more cost effective way of making funeral arrangements.

Our Funeral Directors will always ensure that a funeral is dignified and professional, irrespective of it being a cheap funeral or low-cost funeral service. This is a part of the screening process we use to find service providers in your local area that can help you in the best way possible and always remain compassionate and in line with your expectations.

Where can I get cheap funeral prices?

Our website provides you with the opportunity to request a funeral quote from a local, professional and caring funeral director that is known in their industry and community as being the best in the funeral care industry. When you make your request, simply include in the additional notes that you are on a budget and may need to discuss cheaper alternatives when making the funeral arrangements. From here, the funeral director will assess your needs and requirements, then provide you with an estimate nearly straight away to help you. You are not obligated at any time to use the funeral director, they are simply providing you with a price guide for a cheaper funeral and help you with any questions you may have.

The Cheap Funerals free estimate service is offered to Australians nationwide including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth, Hobart and Canberra. Funeral Arrangements can be made online by requesting free funeral quotes or price estimates on the cost of a funeral from funeral directors.