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What are Funeral Parlours?

Funeral Parlours is a very American term for what we call "funeral homes" or "mortuaries" in Australia. These terms have evolved as people have migrated from other locations where the term funeral parlours is commonly used. Essentially there is no difference between the services offered based on the name they associate with their services. Funeral Parlours are often mentioned or portrayed in movies and this has also created a subculture of name variations.

At times, the location of which a funeral director operates may be referred to as the Funeral Parlour, however here in Australia the most common and undoubtably the the most popular is the term 'funeral home'. When searching the internet or browsing through a phone directory, the use of Funeral Parlours as a category for service is often found - or will inform you to refer to the funeral home or funeral directors category.

What is the primary role of Funeral Parlours?

Funeral Parlours basically help families whom have just lost a loved one, make funeral arrangements and plans usually based on the wishes left by the deceased. If there are no wishes left by the deceased, ie, no will or instruction was left with family solicitors, then the family will make the funeral plans and arrangements with the chosen funeral director.

How do I find Funeral Parlours in Australia?

Contacting Funeral Parlours in your local area is best done by speaking with them over the phone, visiting their parlour in person or communicating by email (particularly if there are a large number of family members involved and everyone needs to be kept informed). If you are looking for funeral parlours as you have just had someone pass on, or you are looking at making funeral plans or arrangements for yourself or a family member - why not use our online quote request system. We can put you in touch with funeral directors or funeral parlours in almost every suburb in Australia who can give you some guidance and provide obligation free advice. These funeral directors are of the highest professionalism and offer funeral services that are second to none in their industry.

The Funeral Parlour Services free estimate service is offered to Australians nationwide including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth, Hobart and Canberra. Funeral Arrangements can be made online by requesting free funeral quotes or price estimates on the cost of a funeral from funeral directors.