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What is a pre-paid funeral?

In the event of death, many families are left to find the funds to cover the expenses of a funeral. By pre-paying funeral expenses, you know that the family will not be responsible for coming up with funds at, what can be, such a traumatic time. Essentially a pre-paid funeral is a funeral purchased in advance from a funeral director of choice.

What does a pre-paid funeral involve?

Like most agreements, a contract is formed that includes all the details of the funeral. These details include funeral location or venue, flowers, casket or coffin, burial or cremation and any particulars desired. These are then paid for in todays prices, to the funeral director selected. Usually these funds are then managed by an independent funeral fund manager. In the event of death, the funeral director selected will perform the funeral service and meet all funerary requirements - following that, the funds will be released to the funeral director.

What's included in a pre-paid funeral?

Naturally, the purpose of pre-paying the funeral is to cover all expenses associated with the funeral. Examples of this include flowers, notices, coffin or casket, burial or cremation, preparation and or viewing, the funeral service, service fees, Celebrant or Minister costs and any other special requests. These are included in the agreement made with the funeral director selected.

What are the payment options for a pre-paid funeral?

Pre-Paid Funerals can be paid for in three ways. The most common is payment by instalments, usually weekly or monthly using direct debit or a nominated credit card. The second option is lump sum, where the full amount is paid up front. The third method is hybrid, with a nominated amount paid up front, then instalments for the remainder over a period of years. The hybrid method allows reduced instalment amounts and are often used to suit a budget. More information on payment options can be obtained directly from funeral directors that offer Pre-Paid Funerals.

What if a funeral director goes out of business?

Luckily, funds are usually held in a funeral plan fund managed by an independent party. This means that monies paid are still available to be used by selecting another funeral director. It is important to check the terms of the Pre-Paid Funeral agreeement for these details.

The Prepaid Funerals free estimate service is offered to Australians nationwide including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth, Hobart and Canberra. Funeral Arrangements can be made online by requesting free funeral quotes or price estimates on the cost of a funeral from funeral directors.